Cheap thrills

Admit it, books are the cheapest vacations we can afford and I couldn’t agree more with what Charlaine Harris has said. But for us thrill seekers, who want to be gripping the edges of our seats and staying up until 4 am while repeating the phrase “just one more chapter” again and again in our heads, is there really a bok capable of doing that? Well never fear because I have a list of books here that’ll surely get your adrenaline pumping!

#1 Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 

Let’s face it, we all knew this was coming. Gone Girl is one of the most renowned thrillers of 2014, known for it’s immaculate writing, mind blowing plot twists and psychological reveals. This book was one of the capitals of twist city and it’ll have you guessing till the very last page.

#2 The Kind worth Killing by Peter Swanson 

I like to think of this book as the sequel to Gone Girl. If you are fan of Gone Girl and it’s twists and turns then you will surely love this. The Kind Worth Killing is a little book that packs a big punch. The story is compelling and intriguing and you’ll never want to put this book down. This is my personal favorite on this list.

#3 Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Doctor Sleep is actually the sequel to Stephen King’s renowned horror novel, “The Shining”. This book follows a middle aged Dan Torrance, who struggles with the same alcoholism and anger issues that his own father had to deal with. This book was more so a thriller than a horror novel: it had it’s creepy parts and was a bit disturbing once you think about it but it wasn’t scary or had me hiding under my blankets. However, it did stay with me and I absolutely adore both “The Shining” and “Doctor Sleep”. If you like King or are looking for a good thrill I recommend that you read both of these books.

#4 A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay 

This is another one of those hidden treasures. “A Head Full of Ghosts” is a psychological thriller told from the point of view of one woman as she looks back on the tragedy that befell her family when she was a child. This book is short and sweet but isn’t easily predictable, also the author let’s you decide for yourself if the situation presented in the novel is paranormal or psychological. A great book to curl up with on a cold day.

#5 I am not a serial Killer by Dan wells 

Another thriller with a supernatural twist and one hell of a surprise. Told from the point of view of a teenage sociopath who decides to hunt and track down the killer who invaded his county, this little gem was a real page turner and gave me some insight into a very different world. A quick easy read, that is dark and disturbing to it’s very core.

#6 Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill

Yet another supernatural thriller, this novel was Joe Hill’s debut in the writing industry. Fast paced, heart racing and every bit a thriller you’d expect form this man. This book will have you gripping the edge of your seat in anticipation with every turn of a page.

#7 Death Note by Tsugumi Ohba( writer) and Takeshi Obata (artist) 

While this one is technically not a novel, it belongs on this list for the ride it takes you on. Death Note is actually a Japanese graphic novel or manga. It is a supernatural thriller that follows Light Yagami, a bored high school student with a promising future ahead of him. This manga is a splendid read, and you’re guaranteed to like it even if you aren’t a fan of graphic novels. It’s one of the best of it’s kind and a book you won’t regret picking up.

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