Oh the pain! 5 Pet Peeves Bookworms are Likely to Understand

Somewhere down the road, we’ve all experienced these little annoyances or issues when it comes to our books. Read through this list and see how many times you’ve come across these obstacles.

#1 Having too many books and too little shelf space.

I’m sure we’ve all bumped into this one. One problem us bookworms have is that we keep buying books and don’t realize how little shelf space we have left. Do we ever realize? No we don’t and we keep stuffing our treasures onto that piece of wood. Eventually something like this ends up happening:


Keep an eye on your book shelves! Prevent paper floods!

#2 No one understands you.

Ever loved a book so much that you just couldn’t shut up about it? You felt like gushing about the novel, crying over it, laughing, smiling and just exploding because of that book. So what was stopping you? There wasn’t anyone for you to share your love with. You’re friends often told you that “it’s just a book!” and you failed to convince them otherwise. This is you:bkre3fopi8

And these are the people around you:


Beware of the book worm…

#3 Human needs.

This happens so often, and never ceases to annoy the hell out of me. You’ll be reading, and you’re gonna be really into that book. Maybe there’s an intense scene playing out or maybe it’s an incredibly sweet one. Either ways, your body is gonna interrupt you at that exact moment. Your stomach might demand to be fed, you probably put it off earlier but now it’s gotten to the point where you just can’t ignore it anymore. Your mind may start to drift and remind you of all the important things you have to do, like sleep. Your eyes are gonna try to shut themselves even if you aren’t tired, you probably haven’t blinked in at least five minutes. Somehow, at the most important of times, your body will interrupt you and separate you from your precious.

#4 Just one more chapter

It’s one in the morning. You were supposed to fall asleep two hours ago. But who needs sleep? You’ll get around to it eventually.


#5 People don’t leave you alone

Take a hint, if we are trying to ignore you and read, leave us alone or else you won’t like the consequences.

That’s all I have for you today! Hope you enjoyed this list and don’t forget to share this post!

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Photo by Nicole Honeywill / Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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