Rating: 4.55


A monster from the Earth itself comes walking, and it goes to a thirteen year old boy, Conner O’Malley, demanding the most dangerous thing of all…

the Truth…


Really well developed and interesting, enjoyable and you really feel for them, especially Conner.

The grandmother may seem like an old fool sometimes and you may hate her but you realize she’s not all that bad after all.

The dad….(pinches bridge of her nose and exhales deeply) don’t even get me started, shame on you daddy dearest!

The Monster, just wonderful, I really liked how he came out in the end.


How I felt at the beginning of this book:

How I felt at the middle of the novel:

correction, I’m reading the most wonderful book.

How I felt at the end:

The truth is something many of us cannot comprehend. In a world crafted on a foundation of lies and deception, the truth is a strange and abnormal concept that can never be grasped completely.

This was amazing!

Normally I tend to stay away from sad contemporaries but this one was just…great. Honestly I connected really well with the characters and I understand Conner’s struggle with his family.
In order to really love this book you have to be able to sympathize with Conner and unless you’ve experienced something similar to his story you can’t really get him.

But nevertheless, this was just simply wonderful, with just the right blend of magic, mystery, sorrow and originality. I really can’t describe how much this book struck me and its thought provoking story will have your roots knotted in mere minutes.

Just remember, the truth is something all of choose to run from but eventually we all must confront it.

If you like giant tree like monsters and brave boys who can face their truths, go read this.