Get your creative juices flowing: 24 drawing prompts for you

Out of ides or drawing a blank? Has that blank piece of paper been taunting you for a while now? Well here are twenty four prompts to get inspired from.

#1 Draw a couple having an argument

#2 Draw a character from your favorite book

#3 Look around your room and draw the first thing that catches your attention

#4 Draw a broken bottle

#5 Draw a book with a bizarre cover

#6 Draw what you imagine an A.I’s (artificial intelligence) avatar (hologram or outer appearance) to look like

#7 Draw an object from worm’s eye view

#8 Draw two people hugging or holding hands

#9 Draw heartbreak

#10 Draw a steaming cup of coffee with a biscuit

#11 Draw your character with different facial expressions

#12 Draw Christmas lights spelling out a word of your choice

#13 draw the scariest thing your mind can imagine

#14 Draw a group of people playing in the water

#15 Draw a someone trudging through knee deep snow

#16 Draw a bird of prey swooping in for the kill

#17 Draw a powerful murder weapon

#18 Draw a disturbing scene

#19 Draw a vampire

#20 Draw an empty wallet

#21 Try to draw a famous piece of art

#22 Draw a comparison between a lit and extinguished candle

#23 Draw knight’s helmet

#24 Make a comic strip with a hero who can hear people’s thoughts

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