The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

Rating: 4.50Memento Mori. Remember that you will die.


Meet Ted Severson, a wealthy businessman who thought that money could buy him anything in the world but alas, he was wrong and that little assumption costs him more than he could ever imagine.

But he could blame him? He had millions of dollars to his name, a glorious career and a drop dead gorgeous wife, perfect right? Wrong.

The one thing money can’t buy is a faithful wife. Ted discovers his spouse, Miranda Hobart, now Severson, screwing around with his house contractor, who was building them their dream house with Ted’s money.

When Ted makes this shocking discovery his first thoughts are, “I wanna kill that bitch,” but he needs a little motivation. Enter Lily Kintner, a red headed beauty who has a twisted sense of morality and is all the motivation Ted needs. On a flight from London to Boston, she and Ted get to know each other and in a game of absolute truth, reveal each other’s most intimate secrets. And during this game, Ted explains his delicate situation to her and tells Lily about how he would love to kill Miranda for her infidelity. What he didn’t expect from this mysterious woman was that she actually convinced him to follow through with his thoughts and so a twisted game of murder and madness begins, a game in which only the smartest and experienced players survive…


Now I did enjoy the characters in this book, they were considerably developed and interesting to read about. And keep in mind that this is a thriller and things move pretty fast but that being said the characters were enjoyable and wonderful.

Lily was your cold and calculating woman who observes everything and is smart enough to think of all the outcomes but is secretly lonely.

Ted’s your average rich husband, a man who never has time and is overworked but his desires and ideas will shake you and his willingness is just as dangerous as a wild animal.

Miranda, your two faced bitch, who is manipulative and cunning. The kind of woman that looks sweet and sexy on the outside but is secretly wondering how she can use you.

Brad Daggett, your tall and handsome idiot who looks delicious but is incredibly thick and therefore easy to control to your heart’s desire.

And lastly, Detective Henry Kimball, a sweet shy and awkward man who trusts his gut to a fault and that just might get him killed.

I know, I know, the characters sound predictable but trust me once you start reading the novel their typicality won’t even matter.


AMAZING!!! I adore psychological thrillers and at first I was a bit hesitant to start reading this book since I usually prefer male protagonists but this had me sucked in after the first few pages and that’s saying something since I haven’t finished a book this fast in MONTHS. But this thriller had me hooked and I was dying to know what happened. And this book was twist city and I was honestly so shocked at some of the plot twists, like the first one, I didn’t even see that coming and most of the time I figure out the plot twist before it even happens so that was a shocker. But overall, amazing read, hands down one of my favorites. And I really liked detective Kimball, I honestly thought he was adorable when he was about to die, I was like “not him! Come on, please not him! I like him!” Glad to see he was unharmed.

Down below are a few of his limericks that I just had to include:

There once was a husband named Ted,

Who met his end in a volley of lead.

It was clear he was rich-

And his wife was bitch-

So it’s not a surprise that he’s dead.

There once was a girl named Miranda,

It was clear that no one could stand her.

But beneath all that crass

Was an excellent ass,

So the rich men all lined up to land her.

There once was a novelist’s daughter

Whose eyes were the green of seawater.

I hoped to remove

Her clothes to prove

That naked she’d look even hotter.

There once was a copper named Kimball

Whose brain was as big as a thimble

He followed a girl

All over the world

In hope that at sex she’d be nimble.

There once was a girl with red hair

Whose bottom I hoped to see bare

The chance this would happen

Was one in a million,

But I’d settle for lace underwear.

I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.

Anyways, if you enjoy books with beautiful psychotic redheads and obsessive and adorable detectives, go read this.

Photo by Leonardo Yip on Unsplash

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