How to Pick Your Next Read

Stumped on what to read next? Well never fear because I have a creative idea to help you pick your next book.

The Tbr Book Jar



  1. Find an empty glass jar, doesn’t matter what size or shape.
  2. Decorate the jar however you want but make sure the glass is still somewhat translucent if you decide to paint your jar.
  3. After you decorate your jar, find colored or patterned paper, and cut as many rectangles as you please.
  4. The measurements for the rectangles are 3cm x 5cm.
  5. Once you have all your pieces, write the names of the books of your to read books on the papers.
  6. Once you’ve written the names, fold your papers in half and drop’em into the jar.

Now every time you finish a book and don’t know what to read, just reach into the jar and read the suggestion your given!

Image via Google

Image via Google

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