Click Your Poison: MURDERED


This was an interactive story where YOU were the main character. Your choices shape the story. There are 50 possible endings and 3 unique and distinct story lines to follow.

You were in Rio with a bunch of friends for annual Carnaval celebration. One night while out drinking and partying, you get separated from your group and end up going down a couple of dark alley ways trying to find your way back. But unknowingly you stumble into an abandoned building and catch a murderer in the act! The perp runs out and minutes later, the cops bust in and bring you in for questioning.

Turns out, the victim was a U.S secretary and the DSS show up, asking you if you would choose to become cooperating witness, but whether or not you accept is up to you!

Rating: 3.85

I really enjoyed this one and it was my first experience with interactive stories and I can say that this was wonderful. There are 3 story lines to follow, but I only followed one. I’m planning to revisit this one later on and play through some of the other pathways.

But anyways, I really enjoyed going through this. The characters felt alive and I appreciated that they didn’t baby the reader. And the plot twists added just the right amount of suspense and shock. Overall good read, I’d recommend it to anyone looking to change things up a little.

Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

Image via Google

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