books that seriously disappointed me

If you guys think that a book hasn’t disappointed me yet, think again! Today, in honor of exam week I bring to you a bunch of books that seriously disappointed me.


#1 Undercover by Danielle Steel

I read this one a while ago but I remember it plain as day because it was just that bad!

This novel tells the story of an undercover DEA agent and the daughter of an ambassador as they both ace tragedy and find each other in the end, slowly breaking down their walls and recovering from their losses.

Sounds like a good story, right? Well that’s what drew me to this book but lord help me, when I actually got into it disappointment hit me in the first couple of pages. First of all, each main characters backstory took like a hundred pages, and the book’s only three hundred pages long! Then, the characters meet and what not but the actual romance is only thirty pages long, what the heck?!

Then there was the writing, it was so jumpy and just did not flow well at all. But don’t even get me started on the characters, Marshall I liked and like always I ended up sympathizing with the male lead but honestly the girl, Ariana just annoyed me to no end and I had a difficult time showing her any empathy or support.

Overall, I did not like this book and to top things off, this was my first romantic read, what a disappointment.


#2 The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King

Whats this? I didn’t enjoy a book by Stephen King? That’s a first. And really this was the first book by him I didn’t like.

This was a collection of short stories, ranging with themes in the paranormal, morality, death, murder, crime, apocalypse and so on. Basically everything you’d expect from king.

I thought that this was an okay read, I didn’t hate it but it’s not my favorite either. I enjoyed some of the stories but others were either just disgusting, ridiculous or outright boring.

You can check out my goodreads review and see the list of stories in this collection and the ones I personally enjoyed.


#3 The Sculptor by Scott McCloud 

Surprise, surprise! The sculptor is back.

Now I’m not going to go into full out rant mode here. If wanna read my thoughts regarding this one, you can check my review here.

Let’s just say this one didn’t sit well with me.


#4 Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

I hope you all aren’t that surprised to see this one here. Yes, this was another romantic venture that failed horribly.

I could not deal with this book! I didn’t like Austen’s writing, nor did I find the plot all that intriguing. I didn’t even like the characters.

A couple pages in I switched over to an audio book on over drive but I only made it to 50% before I finally gave up and DNFed this nightmare.

Well that’s all I have for you today, but before I go I must make a quick thank you to a dear friend of mine Julia. She was the one to give me this idea since I needed to post something but I kept drawing blanks. She has a YouTube channel where she talks about books and the like so please do go and check her out.

Julia’s Channel

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So, what did you think?

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