Murder mystery Writing Prompts

Some mystery and thriller writing prompts to get you lot thinking

  • #1 Write a mystery where thej murderer kills in their sleep.

Things to consider

  • Who is the murderer?
  • Are they good or bad?
  • Are they aware of what they are doing?
  • Do they get caught?

#2 A story where a civilian ends up helping some big organization (e.g. FBI, CIA, Homeland security, etc.) to solve a crime.

Things to consider

  • How did the character get into this situation?
  • Are they considered a suspect?
  • Does the character have a chaperone? If so who are they
  • How do people react to the main character?

#3 Write a story from the murderer’s point of view and how they evade the police and such.

  • What was the murderer’s motive?
  • Is the main character a serial killer?
  • Do they evade the police? If so how?
  • Do they want to get caught? If so why?

#4 Write a story where there is a supernatural or occult twist to the story.

Things to consider

  • What was the cause of death?
  • Do the characters believe the reason behind the kill?
  • have there been similar deaths before?
  • Who or what is the killer?

#5 They were being hunted, but by who or what they weren’t sure.

Things to consider

  • Who or what is the hunter?
  • Where is the hunt taking place?
  • How many people are being hunted?

#6 Write a story about a thief planning a grand heist

Things to consider

  • What is being stolen?
  • Is there a lot of planning required?
  • Is the item of personal or monetary value?

#7 This was perfect! We’d got him now, but then why did I feel like he was gonna give us the slip again?

Things to consider

  • Who did they catch?
  • Is the main character part of some sort of police force?
  • Can their feelings be chalked up to paranoia?
  • Why do they feel this way?
  • How do the people around them feel?

Well here you are! I hope these help you to get your creative juices flowing and as always write on!

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