The Book of Ivy by Amy Engel

“It was an unexpected love story between the two.” – Marleah Stout


Rating: 4.47

After a brutal nuclear war, the United States is left decimated, a former shell of it’s original glory. But here a small group of survivors banded together to create a small settlement. However, war never changes and there was yet again more conflict over who would rule, the Westfalls or the Lattimers. The Westfalls lost.

Now fifty years later, in order to maintain peace and control and to grow the population, as a yearly ritual the daughter of the losing side are matched up with the sons of the winning side and are married off at the age of sixteen.

This year it is Ivy Westfall’s turn and she is going to marry the President’s son, Bishop Lattimer. But this marriage isn’t meant to keep the peace, in order to return the Westfall family to power Ivy needs to kill the President’s son in three months. Should be easy, right? Bishop is a cruel and cold boy who is the carbon copy of his tyrant father. At least that’s what she’s heard.

But Bishop turns out to be so much more. He’s noting like the rumors she’s heard. No, in fact Bishop is the sweetest boy you’d ever meet and he’s just what ivy needs to unlock her cold heart. A boy who cares for her and dreams of the ocean.

In the end, will she be able to kill him?

I really enjoyed this book. Engel’s writing was addictive and I honestly fell in love with Bishop and Ivy, they were adorable.

Honestly, so far this year I haven’t devoured a book this fast. I stayed up late trying to finish it and even starved myself to get to the end. It was just that good. The plot was intriguing and the characters were just so lovable! and the ending was just…WOWZA!

If you like dystopian novels with a friends to lovers type of romance, i suggest you read this.

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