These are some confessions I have to make, so here there are:

#1 I like to imagine that my favorite characters are alive and that they are a part of my daily life.

We’ve all done this. I love to just imagine characters coming to life and it is one of my favorite pass times. Seriously this world is so boring! I like to spice things up a bit!

#2 I always make up my own soundtrack to go with the book.

Now this in itself is not embarrassing. But seriously if I ever played a made up soundtrack, people would question my sanity.

#3 I squealΒ at fluff.

I love fluff, seriously I love it! and every time the cuteness level is unbearable I just make a bunch of noises because I’m happy.

#4 I am very careful about reading romance books in public.

This isn’t because I’m embarrassed about reading romance, it’s my guilty pleasure. However I have a tendency to squeal and make random noises of happiness when something cute happens in a romance novel, and this often leads to people asking me if I’m okay. So I have resigned to be careful about reading rom coms in public.

#5 I don’t let anyone (unless I trust them) touch my book shelf.

I am very protective of my books, so I don’t let anyone touch them, unless they are just as crazy about protecting their books. My shelf is a delicate thing and it has a lot of small and fragile objects resting on it that can easily break. I know my shelf best and there is really only one person allowed to look through it.

Well these were just some of my confessions, hope you all enjoyed this. Do you have an embarrassing confession? Leave a comment down below, I’d love to hear what your confessions!

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