Hey readers, so this is a collaboration that my friend suggested I participated in, so let’s begin.

#1 If you hear the name Darcy, RUN and DO NOT LOOK BACK!

I did not like Pride and Prejudice and I will only ever say one thing to Mr. Darcy, “Hell no!”

#2 Perfect boys only exist in books

Do I even need to explain this one?

#3 It’s not called being creepy if the person I’m stalking is fictional, it’s called being obsessive, there’s a difference.

I like fictional people more than real people. And I feel the need to know everything about my favorite person…EVERYTHING….

#4 I’m not a hoarder, I’m a book collector

Some people collect coins, some collect stamps, I collect books. It’s a perfectly normal hobby.

#5 Anything can be real, if you believe in it enough

This is a universal truth for all book lovers, and I stand by it. Books take you places that you normally can’t go and if you believe enough in the magic of literature you can accomplish anything.

This was an idea given to me by my close friend Julia, go check out her YouTube channel,Β Julia Sapphire.

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