Helpful Artists To Get you Started

“Art is too important not to share” – Romero Britto

Hey readers! I got a question for you, are you just starting out with art? Need a little help learning the basics or mastering a certain style? Well here are some helpful artists and tips to get you started!

Helpful Artists

#1 Mark Crilley (markcrilley on YouTube)

I found Crilley when I started to look for ways to improve my drawing skills. He mostly teaches Manga and Anime art however there are a couple of realistic drawing tutorials. He’s a great source of help for those who are just starting out, so go check out his videos I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

#2 Dawn (Dawn from Dragoart)

I found this one a little later on. She has a lot of helpful tutorials about almost any topic. A little cartoonish but she really helped me out in the beginning and I was able gradually progress into more realistic drawings eventually but just like Crilley these tutorials helped make that happen.

In addition to Dawn, has plenty of helpful tutorials that you guys can check out so don’t be a stranger, go check it out!

Other helpful methods

Aside from looking up tutorials and how to’s, I’ll let you in on two methods that could help to improve your artistic skills.

Transferring or the Transfer Method

 Now this is a good technique to use if you mainly want to practice applying value or shading to your drawing.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find an image on Google or the internet, make sure it is clear and not too heavily detailed
  2. Print it out, make sure you print it out in black and white, color will only confuse you while you are drawing
  3. Now take your printed out image and flip it over to the blank side
  4. Now scribble! You want to cover the entirety of the blank space with lead and pencil. Make sure that the scribbles are dark or else the image won’t transfer
  5. Once you are finished with your scribbling, flip the page back over to the side with the image on it.
  6. Tape the paper into your sketch book on a blank page, the image should be facing you
  7. Now use your pencil and trace over the major lines of the image. Example: let’s say you printed put an image of a face, then you would trace over the facial features, neck and shoulders and the outline of the head and hair.
  8. Remember to press down on the image, don’t worry about leaving harsh lines
  9. Once you are finished tracing your image, remove it from your sketch book page
  10. There should be a faint outline of everything you traced over

Now that you have the image traced, feel free to do whatever you want with the image. Trace over the outline, apply color or value, do whatever.

This method is good if you wanna practice adding value or color as it takes care of drawing the figure for you, allowing you to focus your energy elsewhere.

Look and copy

This is another method i find helpful and it tests your drawing skills as you try to replicate an image.

  1. Print out an image from Google
  2. Make sure it’s in black and white
  3. Now draw the image into your sketch book and use the print out as a reference

Another tip for this method I find helpful is that you trace the lines of the image on the printout, this trains your hand and brain to follow and manipulate the lines of the printout in your own drawing.

Well that’s all I have for you today. Remember these techniques and tutors may not work for everyone, I’m just giving all you budding artists an idea as to what to look for. What works for one person, may not work for another.

Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash


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