So I recently visited the AGO as a part of a field trip hosted by my school.

Now normally I wouldn’t be writing about this since visiting a gallery is pretty common but the reason I wanted to talk about is because there were quiet some interesting pieces there to take a look at.

But before I start talking about the pieces, I wanna discuss the brief workshop we participated in. It wasn’t anything special but it was interesting nonetheless as it was the first time I tried inking.

I honestly was just playing around, not really looking to create a master piece. I eventually ended up making an image of a bunch of crescent moons dripping into a giant puddle. Again nothing serious.

Moving on to the exhibits, they were quiet exquisite and charming, there are paintings from the group of seven, sculptures and art from older time periods and they had a special exhibit for art from the European Renaissance.

If you’re visiting Toronto then be sure to check out the AGO, it’s worth it!

Down below is a slide show of all the pictures I took, enjoy!

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Image via Google