Rouge Lawyer by John Grisham

“A Lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns”
– Mario Puzo


Rating: 3.95

Rouge Lawyer by John Grisham 


Sebastian Rudd is a rogue. He’s a man who fights on the streets and takes on the clients that no one will, as his work requires him to do so. Rudd’s a criminal defense lawyer who practically lives in a bullet proof van and only has one friend who doubles as his bodyguard and paralegal. He’s known to fight tooth and nail for his clients and if you’re in a bind then you definitely want this rouge lawyer in your corner.


This is one of the first books I read y Grisham and I have to say I’m impressed. This was a good first experience for a legal thriller. I liked the characters and the writing flowed smoothly. The different stories kept me interested and I enjoyed this overall. I guess my only complaint would be the lack of character building for secondary characters, like I would have loved to see more scenes with Sebastian and Partner or more scenes with Sebastian interacting with his kid and so on. I also found Judith’s constant appearances a little annoying since she practically showed up with no reason other than to harass Sebastian, like what the hell? Girl please relax. Also sometimes I felt that the book slowed down a little or when the novel was focusing on other aspects a little too much like the cage fights, I had a little trouble staying interested, and in addition to all that, Tadeo’s case was just…Crazy for lack of a better word. I can’t believe that anyone can be that stupid.

But aside from all those complaints I did enjoy this. The court scenes were tense and interesting and the cases in general pulled me right in. I loved Sebastian’s character and really felt for him. I guess my favorite case would have to be that of Arch Swanger the Kemp girl.

Overall, this was a good read, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys legal thrillers.

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