30 Day Art Challenge

Hello my dear readers, hope you’re all doing alright.

I came up with this art challenge a while ago and I decided to share it with you all. So next time you’re suffering from art block, hopefully these little challenges will help you get over it. And be sure to share your work here, I’d love to see what you all come up with!

Without further ado, let’s begin.


Art Challenge

1. Draw your favorite T.V show

Draw the characters or the logo, or maybe a really important object or symbol from the show, for example if you’re drawing something from ‘Supernatural’ then you could draw a devil’s trap or Sam, Dean and Cas with the Impala or John’s journal. The possibilities are endless so use your creativity to make something memorable.

2.Draw your favorite character from a book

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but maybe try drawing them with a theme or a facial expression that represents their personalities.

3. Draw your favourite movie

If I had to draw my favorite movie then I’d either draw a fedora for ‘Oscar’ starring Sylvester Stallone, or I’d draw a gun for ‘John Wick’ or a dodge charger for ‘Fast and the Furious’. Be sure to play around with the Idea.

4. Draw your favorite anime character

For this one I drew a portrait of Light Yagami from ‘Death Note’. (The manga and the anime, not the stupid Netflix movie, that just sucked) I wanted to draw L as well but I just got lazy and ended it with Light. Be sure to capture your character’s personality in the sketch!

5. Draw a bunch of band logos

Time to start going through your music library, guys! Find your favorite musicians and give them a nice memorial page.

6. Draw your favorite fairy tale

Personally, I would draw a silhouette of Ariel from ‘The Little Mermaid’. This is a really fun challenge and it really gives you a chance to reminisce on your childhood, no matter how old you are.

7. Draw a quote that speaks to you

So by this I mean write out the quote in some fancy script and then illustrate it. For example, it is says ‘life is like a box of chocolates’ illustrate the quote with something sweet.

8. Draw a city skyline

Personally, I like these either done with a nightscape or a sunset and I love London’s skyline!

9. Draw something inspired by a song

For this one I drew something from ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. I was inspired by the song ‘The Music of the Night’. Again, try to draw something to symbolize the lyrics and not just take things in a literal sense, abstract thinking is one pf the beauties of art.

10. Draw a Still life

I just love drawing wine bottles, no idea why.

11.Draw something sweet

This could either be literal or figurative. Literal, draw a bunch of cakes and cookies or a cup of hot chocolate. Figurative, draw a cute couple of an act of kindness or something along those lines. Go crazy, my  artists.

12. Draw your favorite drink

Ah, nothing like a warm cup of tea on a chilly fall day.

13. Draw a series of different facial expressions

You can definitely play around with this one, when I drew this I did a series of different expressions with eyes and I didn’t a full face. You can do a series of different expressions with just the eyes alone.

14. Draw something with perspective

I really love perspective drawings, I drew a kitchen for this one. You can find a lot of great videos for perspective drawings on YouTube and I really just love doing these.

15. Draw a silhouette

Silhouettes are a great way to add mystery and allure to your drawings, plus they have a great effect on the overall piece and are less time consuming to create.

16. Draw a Disney character as an anime character

Just a fun little side project 🙂

17. Draw a girl wearing a dress

Try to add a story to this one by drawing in details to tell her story. Is she going to a party? Why is she wearing a ball gown? Is she in a summer dress? Why is she wearing that? Try to tell a story with your work. After all, a pictures’ worth a thousand words.

18. Draw a fashion Model

This is just a fin little venture into a different field of drawing.

19. Draw a piece of abstract art

I really love drawing abstract art because this type of drawing is just really nice and easy to create. It is a bit time consuming, but I think the end result is always worth the effort.

20. Draw a tree

Nature is perfectly imperfect and it’s incredibly relaxing to just imagine a beautiful forest with ancient oaks. Drawing anything from nature can be incredibly therapeutic.

21. Illustrate your favorite season

Personally, Fall is my favorite season of all time. I just love the change in color of the leaves and I think it’s absolutely beautiful despite the fact that everything is dying. So draw something that reminds you of your favorite season and keep that image close.

22. Draw a weapon

Could be a gun, a sword or even your fist. And if you’re feeling creative maybe try drawing a weapon from another time period such as a sword from the middle ages.

23.Draw a notebook

yes a notebook within a notebook, I’m starting to sound like a line from the movie ‘Inception’. But just try it out and see what you come up with and remember, detail is key in these simple drawings!

24. Draw a leaf

Detail, detail, detail! You might even want to try drawing a close up of a leaf, sort of like a scientific drawing

25. Draw a cat or another animal you like

I love cats and I have a really feisty kitten whom I adore! But step away from the human spectrum for a second and draw a different organism entirely! Maybe try adding a few fantastical elements to your piece (like horns or wings)

26. Draw something with the use of a base

A base is basically a very generalised guideline of the human body, they normally don’t have any features and are just there to help you get the rough shape of a figure and  then go in to add on your own details. Here are some examples:

27. Draw something with the use of pastel

I really like pastels, and I think they have a really nice effect. Plus, I feel like pastels work really well if you want to make an abstract piece of art since the colors blend really well together and you can make a lot of different patterns with those colors. Just remember to even things out.

28. Draw something with color

Even if it’s just a tiny bit try to add color to your work. This is a great way to add emphasis to a specific part of your drawing.

29. Draw a clock

Just because you can 🙂

30. Draw something broken

Like a broken heart, or a glass bottle or something along those lines but be sure to add a bit of twist to keep things interesting

Well anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this challenge and have a lot of fun with it. May your pencil be sharp and your mind be free of art block.

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