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Helpful Artists To Get you Started

Hey readers! I got a question for you, are you just starting out with art? Need a little help learning the basics or mastering a certain style? Well here are some helpful artists and tips to get you started! Helpful... Continue Reading →

Picture prompt #1: Dark Road

  See the picture above? I want you to take a good, hard look at it. Keep staring at it until your mind starts buzzing with ideas. Once that happens, organize your thoughts and start writing about the picture. Some... Continue Reading →

Get your creative juices flowing: 24 drawing prompts for you

Out of ides or drawing a blank? Has that blank piece of paper been taunting you for a while now? Well here are twenty four prompts to get inspired from. #1 Draw a couple having an argument #2 Draw a... Continue Reading →

Creating a Character 101

Having trouble making an interesting character worth reading about? Fear no more for this is a guide to help you make an irresistible character! STEP ONE- Naming your character. In my opinion, naming a character is one the most important... Continue Reading →

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