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Horror Story: The Raven, Part One

Since I received such wonderful feedback on my last story, Knock, Knock I decided to grace all of my lovely readers with another one of my short stories. This one is also based off another creepypasta ritual, to which I will... Continue Reading →

Horror Story: Knock Knock Part Three

The third and final part of Knock Knock. Please tell me if you would like to read more of stories and I'll see what I can do. As always do not steal or copy, enjoy! Oh and sory for the... Continue Reading →

Horror story: Knock, Knock Part Two

The second installment of my personal story Knock, Knock. Again do not steal or copy. Jasmine couldnโ€™t believe it; she was actually considering her friendโ€™s offer. Was she a skeptic? Yes. Was she desperate? Most definitely. Honestly there was noย harm... Continue Reading →

Horror Story: Knock, Knock Part One

So guys, I've decided to put some of my writing on this blog as a source of inspiration and so on. What I'll be doing is posting short stories and the like here in snippets and will be updating them... Continue Reading →

Murder mystery Writing Prompts

Some mystery and thriller writing prompts to get you lot thinking #1ย Write a mystery where thej murderer kills in their sleep. Things to consider Who is the murderer? Are they good or bad? Are they aware of what they are... Continue Reading →

24 Romantic Writing Prompts

Good day to you my lovelies! I'm going to be bringing you 24 of what I hope to be somewhat romantic writing prompts to get you into that lovey dovey mood to write a romance! So lets begin. P.s: I... Continue Reading →

Picture prompt #1: Dark Road

  See the picture above? I want you to take a good, hard look at it. Keep staring at it until your mind starts buzzing with ideas. Once that happens, organize your thoughts and start writing about the picture. Some... Continue Reading →

Creating a Character 101

Having trouble making an interesting character worth reading about? Fear no more for this is a guide to help you make an irresistible character! STEP ONE- Naming your character. In my opinion, naming a character is one the most important... Continue Reading →

Morbid Writing Prompts

Six morbid or creepy writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing. # 1 The Black Mass The black mass came before us in the blink of an eye but it was gone just as quickly as it had appeared.... Continue Reading →

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