Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Rating: 4.65


Harry has never even heard of Hogwarts before when the letters start coming in. Being orphaned when he was only a year old Harry had been sent off to live with his grisly aunt and uncle who want nothing to do with magic. But as luck would have it, Harry has a shot at getting away from them when hundreds of owls swarm his home in an attempt to reach him. But uncle Vernon is determined to keep him away and so they traverse across the country in an attempt to escape the magical world to no avail.

Rubeous Hagrid, a giant of a man and Hogwarts’s gamekeeper, personally comes to collect the boy who lived in order to bring him to where he belongs: among his fellow witches and wizards. Harry, being new to the wizarding world is thoroughly astonished as to the fact that this world of magic and mystery has been living in secret right under his nose.

But all is not well at Hogwarts, oh no. Lord Voldemort, a dark and powerful wizard many thought to be dead is still alive, well…somewhat alive. Voldemort longs to return to power and once again instill fear in the hearts of all who know his name but without a magical artifact, known as the philosophers stone, he cannot succeed.

Now Harry, along with his newly made friends must face Voldemort head on. He needs to learn the secrets of Hogwarts and must learn to trust his instincts if he is to survive the dark lord’s struggle for power.

Will the boy who lived be able to face his enemy once again?


There are a lot of characters in this book and I loved all of them, yes even Draco. They were wonderful to read about I particularly liked the relationship between Harry, Ron and Hermione, it was simply adorable!

Hagrid was so sweet and funny, especially with Norbert and Harry. I wouldn’t mind having a gentle giant like him around to help me. He and Harry worked together wonderfully and I feel that since he was the first person to show Harry any real kindness, the two of them have a very special bond.

Ron was a dear and was really fun to read about, so was Hermione with her smarts and cleverness. I would talk about everyone a little more but I feel like I might run out of space!


I loved it! What were you expecting me to say? Of course I adore this book. Everyone was so wonderful and interesting to read about and I loved all the relationships presented in this novel. The plot twists weren’t much of a shocker for me since I’ve watched all the movies before hand and I know, I know I shouldn’t have done that but in my defense at the time I didn’t know that Harry Potter was a book series or else I wouldn’t have done that.

But anyways, I loved this book. It was so magical and mystical that you can’t help but adore it. Plus the fact that it was set in England, one of my favorite places in the world, helped a lot. Overall great read.

If you like books about funny wizards, giant castles and mean but caring Potions teachers (Snape, I’m looking at you) go read this.

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