Algedonic by R.H. Sin

R.H. Sin is a renowned feminist poet who has published numerous collections of musings that will hit right at home.

Algedonic is one such collection, a shorter account compared to his other writings but just as moving as the rest.

In this particular piece, Sin chooses to focus on the theme of heart break and recovery like many of his other poems.

The collection is divided into two segments; the first focusing on the pains of a broken heart while the other speaks of the healing process.

The poems are short and to the point but what they lack in length they make up for in the message.

Sin’s poetry is nothing shy of incredible as they touch on the roots of pain and the problems of love in such a way that ting true with the reader.

No matter which collection you decide to pick up, there will almost always be something in it for any reader.

This particular collection isn’t my favorite per se.

I have never really been in a relationship nor felt romantically attracted to anyone in general but Sin’s words are still incredibly powerful and managed to capture my attention with ease.

So while yes this isn’t my favorite work by him, it was still a wonderfully refreshing read and there isn’t much else to be said about this particular assortment of poetry.

I’d honestly recommend Sin’s work to really any reader interested in delving into poetry; I think that almost anyone can take something away from his work, regardless of circumstance.

Down below are some of my favorite poems from this collection:

“Silence is a language that does not need words”


“her angel eyes
saw the good 
in many devils”


“perhaps we laugh

 to mask the cries

screaming in silence

we’ve gotten better

at pretending to be happy”


“i’m lost

 And just want

To meet myself again”


“we’re afraid of monsters

 But we are the monsters

And in theory

We’re all running from ourselves”


“you never lived up

 to the promises you made

painting a false representation

of who you truly were

and where love should feel like art

this love was purely a tragedy”



 you’re better off alone

there is peace

in being away

from it all”


“i leave holes  

 in those i leave behind

an emptiness they can’t fill

because i am irreplaceable”


“could we dance to the silence

 could we move to the tunes

that live in our heads”


“i hope you get lost

 and find yourself again”


“she found heaven

 in a bookstore

she got lost

in the pages”



“oversized sweaters

 and large coffee mugs

the leaves are falling

in love with her”


“the girl with the broken soul

 became the woman

With the strongest heart”


“you are the most interesting thing

 occurring here on earth

don’t let them make you feel

as if you are ordinary

you are not”


“seclusion can be heaven

  alone is peaceful”


“leave behind anything or anyone

 Who stresses your heart out”


“fuck the word count

 pay more attention

to the message

anything is poetry

everything is poetry”


“you are you

 and that will always be

a poem worth reading”


“do you hear yourself

 can you hear your own voice

 over the silence

the quiet vibrance

that is your soul

the brilliant chaos

that is your mind

you’ve been fighting for so long

engaging in wars that no one sees

you’ve been at war with yourself

wishing, hoping for more peace”

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