100 Days of Productivity Challenge: Days 36 through 42

“The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can’t do.” – Dennis Waitley

What is the 100 Days of Productivity challenge?

The 100 Days of productivity challenge is exactly what it sounds like.  Put simply, it encourages individuals to choose at least one productive task to attempt on the daily, for a 100 consecutive days.

The large majority choose to document their progress through social media, with tumblr being one of the most active communities to do so.

It is distinguished by the use the hashtag #100daysofproductivity; however this step is not strictly necessary and is largely left up to preference.

Once you join this challenge, you are expected to tailor it in such a way to suit your needs and aspirations.

How you perform your tasks is completely up to you as there is no set routine to follow.  It is wholly dependent on your day to day schedule, allowing it to be far more lenient and customizable.

A Quick Note on My Personal Challenge

Now as I progress through this challenge, I will be posting weekly updates on this blog and on my tumblr account (audere-noctu).

Allow me to briefly explain what I am studying, just to add a bit of clarity to the situation.

I am high school senior, bound for Medical School and am currently finishing my last stretch of secondary school in the following weeks.

The subjects I am currently studying are:

  1. University level Advanced Mathematical Functions
  2. University level Kinesiology
  3. University level English
  4. University level Ancient History After the Fifteenth Century
  5. University Level Chemistry

These are the subjects that remain before I graduate in a few weeks, and most of my day to day activities will encompass them.

Week 4

Day 36 – Wednesday, January 15, 2020

What I planned to achieve: 

  • Work on University applications
  • Finish studying Electrochemistry
  • Write the Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Unit test.


I got everything done, hooray!

I wrote my unit test and nearly got a perfect grade. The only discrepancy was that I solved the questions properly but accidentally selected the wrong answer when I went to mark it on the test.

That was unfortunate.

I finalized and submitted my second round of university applications an hour before the deadline. I’d gone through everything the night before and just had to make the payment but I lost track and nearly missed the submission deadline.

Luckily, I remembered just in a nick of time and managed to avoid disaster.

Lastly, I finished studying Electrochemistry, and after a day of review, I should be ready to write the test in a day or so.

Not a bad at all, thank goodness.

Day 37 – Thursday, January 16, 2020

What I planned to achieve: 

  • Review Electrochemistry.


Due to a bad night’s sleep, I got very little done but I did finish my chemistry review. That counts for something I suppose.

Day 39– Friday, January 17, 2020

What I planned to achieve: 

  • Review Electrochemistry
  • Start the Voltaic Cell Lab Assignment for Chemistry
  • Start the Oxidizing and Reducing Agents Lab for Chemistry


Not much got done, but I reviewed Chemistry again and started the Labs for the unit I’m currently working on.

I set up both of my papers and started working on a few of the problems from the Voltaic Cell Lab.

Day 40 – Tuesday, January 21, 2020

What I planned to achieve: 

  • Write the Electrochemistry Unit Test
  • Finish the for the Critical Media Assignment: Method Activity for English


I wrote my chemistry unit test, came out with flying colors thankfully. and also finished and submitted the first part of my Critical Media Assignment for English.

The Method Activity  involved planning out the entirety of the report I will be writing eventually but I needed my topic and sources approved by the teacher first, so glad that’s out of the way.

Day 41– Thursday, January 23, 2020

What I planned to achieve: 

  • University research.
  • Start studying Trigonometry.
  • Start reading Hell House by Richard Matheson.


A productive day by any standard. I spent most of my morning working on university applications.

I eventually got around to starting Trigonometry in the afternoon, and it wasn’t as much of a nightmare as I remember it being, surprisingly enough.

I started reading Hell House by Richard Matheson, it seems to be your average, run of the mill haunted house story but let’s see where Matheson takes it. It’ll hopefully be interesting.

Day 42 – Friday, January 24, 2020

What I planned to achieve: 

  • 20 minutes of morning yoga.
  • Volunteer at the medical clinic.
  • Review 2 lessons of Organic Chemistry.
  • Continue reading Hell House by Richard Matheson.


I started the day with 2 hours of volunteer at the medical clinic where I work, first in the morning.

It wasn’t anything amazing, I was sorting through documents records and filing mostly. I did get to track down a few missing patient records though and they were in the most unbelievable places.

The other assistants and I had a good laugh about that one and a few friendly arguments about who was responsible for finding them.

I started reading Hell House, a well-known horror novel at 20 pages in I wasn’t engaged in the story but it’ll hopefully turn out to be better as I read on.

I tried to get some studying done after work, but 2 lessons into Organic Chemistry and I couldn’t handle anymore since I was sure I was running a fever by then and had to head home.

I spent the rest of the day sleeping and reading, but at least the cat was happy for my being home early. 

Weekly Reflection:

Well, I would have to say that that wasn’t a terrible week. 

Two unit tests, a completed assignment and the groundwork for many others are all wins as far as I’m concerned. 

Let’s hope I fare equally well in the weeks to come.

Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash

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